Monday, January 24, 2011

Using Lacan/Zizek in your paper

A good question came in over the weekend & since it's about the paper you're working on right now, I'd like to share it here.

Q: I have a question about the Lacan paper or I suppose papers: are we supposed to read them with a Lacanian interpretation or are we supposed to read them in a Zizekian interpretation of Lacan? In my search to find a better explanation of Lacan, I have stumbled across his psycho-sexual stages as well as the Oedipus complex and I would very much like to use those ideas for the Frederick Douglass paper. Since, these ideas are not in the Zizek book you gave us I thought it would be best if I asked if this was allowed.

A: For the first paper, on Douglass, any Lacanian references are bonus so take them from where you'd like (properly cited). For the final paper, I do want to see references to the Zizek text as it is assigned to the course - but, again, if you also have other Lacanian citations (including from my lectures or tutorial) that's all good.

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